Grand Canyon Tours

• Your private Grand Canyon experience will being in the morning at the time you have requested.

• Fly first class on land. Stretch out in a private luxury vehicle with full leather captains chairs. Your spotlessly clean, 7 person SUV has all the amenities that make your ride more comfortable.

•A premium sound system adds audio drama to the magnificent views. There is USB charging access throughout the cabin so you can stay in touch while exploring.

• I will take the scenic route from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon. An abundance of wildlife in the ponderosa pine forest along the way make for an interesting and enjoyable ride. From the moment we get underway the adventure begins.

•We will arrive at the south rim of the Grand Canyon in around Explore the smaller view points away from the crowds. Reflect on the colorful depth in a more intimate setting with your loved ones.

•Walk through historic buildings built right on the rim of the canyon. Native pine and cedar were used to build such historic buildings as the El Tovar hotel and the Hopi house. The rich history comes to life as you view the canyon from the windows that had belonged to the original settlers.

•Find beautiful hand crafted native jewelry and art that can be found no where else in the world.

•Enjoy gourmet luncheon at the historic El tovar dining room in an atmosphere of casual elegance or choose the Harvey House cafe at the Bright Angel Lodge for a healthy diner style option.

•Take more photos from the rim or choose to take them from the sky. Helicopter tours are a great way to experience the magnitude of how vast the canyon truly is. For the less adventurous there is an IMAX theater that provides similar views, while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

•After your day at the canyon we will travel from the Grand Canyon Village and ride along the rim of the canyon east and enjoy view points such as the Desert view watch tower 20 miles from the crowds at the village. The watch tower is a 70 foot, four story building designed by the famous architect, Mary Colter.

•As we travel east you will see were the canyon begins. You will have a much better perspective of how large the canyon is when you ride along its rim and see how the fissure gets smaller.

•We will stop at the historic Cameron trading post established in 1916. Here you will find any type of souvenir you could possibly want. They have authentic handcrafted Native American art, jewelry and rugs as well as t-shirts, magnets and toys. Their restaurant is famous for their Native American fry bread. It’s served with powered sugar or as an open face taco with chili.

•Last but not least, enjoy your ride back to your accommodations.

I’m a driving professional who has hours of drive time in the area and spotless driving records.

You are free to relax and meditate on your wonderful day as we head back.

Your guide is not a typical tour operator. I’m a local who has lived in Flagstaff my entire life. I’ve retired from my career and enjoy sharing the place I love with a select few clients per year.

I’m able to share details of the area from a locals perspective. My knowledge of where to go and the best way to get there, insure that you have a stress free and enjoyable experience.

My clients are able to cover more ground and see more of the area in a short amount of time.

They don’t wait in lines or wonder where the best restaurants are.

They spend their precious time relaxing and enjoying there vacation.

This is a 9 hour tour.

You choose how early or late in the day you want to start. You are in complete control.

Grand Canyon Tour

$560 per adult

$380 per child 12 and under

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