Pueblo Ruins Tour

Ancient Pueblo ruins

Explore some of the most pristine Indian ruins in the south west.

•I will pick you up at your accommodations just before dawn when the world is still dark and quiet. On the way to Wapatki national monument I will share with you details of the native legends and culture as you enjoy the 55 minute ride.

•The sweet sounds of the Native American love flute will greet the dawn as you watch the colors of the painted desert bloom to life silhouetting the ancient Pueblo ruins of Wapatki.

•Walk inside of one of the most pristinely preserved ancient Pueblo dwellings in the Southwest. You will get a first hand experience of what it was like to live in the ancient community.

•Experience a sacred spirit blow hole. The underlying volcanic lava fields have tubes underground that creates a geyser of air from the pressure underneath.

•Take a short ride along the scenic loop to Sunset Crater and view the rivers of black lava rock that flowed and cooled over a thousand years ago.

•Enjoy a catered open air breakfast while over looking the lava flows and painted desert. A linen covered table with fresh flowers and your favorite music add further ambience to your morning meal.

•The Sunset Crater visitor center along the scenic loop will be our last stop on your adventure. The center has maps and information about hiking in the area, history of the people and of course, mementos of your experience.

Your private 5 hour tour includes luxury transportation for up to 6 passengers, knowledgeable guide, catered breakfast, bottled water, snacks and entrance fees. Gratuity not included.

Ancient Pueblo ruins tour

$380 per adult

$240 per child

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